Insurance trend #1: Health at hand

The term ‘Health at Hand’ reflects the fact that many of the health-related innovations we saw this year blend a mobile customer experience—including apps, teleconsultations or AI-powered interactions—with access to health provider networks. Although most of these innovations were launched before the pandemic, they proved their value as people around the world grappled with the impact of COVID-19 on their lives.

Publish date: 16 December 2020
Author: Fidelidade - Companhia de Seguros (PT)
Theme : Health insurance

Leading insurance companies are helping customers with this aspect of their lives, building health services and solutions even into platforms and products where it was not previously a priority. We have selected three award candidates that show how insurance carriers are helping customers to take care of their own health and the health of their families. Insurers such as these are becoming part of a new health ecosystem that will dominate citizen thinking after the pandemic.

AXA Asia (including China)

AXA’s Emma provides an intelligent and empathetic virtual assistant for customers and prospects, enabling them to seamlessly navigate all their health, wealth and lifestyle needs in a unified platform via web, app, chat and, soon, WeChat. Emma is designed to be an empathetic AI-powered chatbot that provides personal support and guidance for customers using natural language conversations. It is a cornerstone of how AXA is digitalizing its services and transforming from a payer (offering policies and handling claims) to a partner (supporting customers’ holistic wellbeing across their life journey).

Generali Welion (Italy)

Welion’s goal is to build high-quality healthcare services at a sustainable cost. This year, the company submitted four use cases that span the key dimensions of health in a digital age: access to a provider network, teleconsultations with general practitioners and specialists, reminder services for appointments and therapies and, in Italy, pharmaceutical delivery. Although not initially designed for COVID-19, the services proved to be highly relevant as Italy endured its COVID-19 ordeal.

Fidelidade (Portugal)

Multicare offers telehealth consultations by voice and video, giving customers fast and easy access to general practitioners; remote services to improve their lifestyles and prevent chronic diseases; and an AI-based symptom checker, which covers a large range of conditions including COVID-19. This was one of the first 24/7 telehealth platforms in Portugal. The service has no additional cost for existing clients, making medical care and prevention accessible at any time from everywhere.

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