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Coalition’s Active Cyber Insurance Defends Organizations Against Digital Risk

Coalition, Inc
United States
Insurtech 2022

Elevator pitch

Coalition’s Active Cyber Insurance is designed to prevent digital risk before it strikes. Unlike traditional insurance, created only to cover and transfer risk when the worst happens, Active Insurance combines technology and traditional coverage to provide continual risk assessment, protection, and response to address risks that move at digital speed.

Innovation Presentation

Joshua Motta co-founded Coalition in 2017 with a mission to provide security for all. At that time, most organizations were facing an accelerating mess of digital risks, and struggling to protect themselves. Technology wasn’t just failing to solve their problems—often technology was the problem. As is still the case today, small and medium businesses and non-profit organizations in our communities bear the brunt of this risk.

Organizations shouldn’t have to combat digital risk alone. Through its Active Cyber Insurance platform, Coalition strives to create a safer digital economy where all organizations can thrive. It provides tools and services that actually prevent and mitigate loss, along with expert response and comprehensive insura…

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