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Cloud-first Strategy

FWD Insurance Group
Hong Kong SAR
Product & Service Innovation

Elevator pitch

#Next Gen IT Infrastructure #Legacy-light #Innovation Catalyst #Scaliability& agility #Cloud #Innovation #Everything-as-a-Service

Innovation Presentation

In light of COVID-19, there are opportunities for FWD to enhance its technological capabilities and drive innovation in response to the new working environment. FWD recognises that cloud adoption is a crucial step towards empowering its employees and enabling the company to achieve its business growth aspirations.

Innovation is at the forefront of FWD's strategy, and the adoption of cloud technology plays a significant role in achieving FWD's aim of creating better propositions and services while providing a seamless customer experience. By migrating functions to the cloud, FWD can access data from cloud servers, which should accelerate decision-making processes and increase productivity while adapting to the work-from-home culture. Thi…

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