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Closer to you – Confiamed´s App

Re-imagining the Customer Experience

Elevator pitch

The world changed and while we were forced to distance Confiamed found a new way to stay closer to you, in Confiamed we created an app that supported our customers in their toughest health episodes, allowing us to stay closer to them anytime, anywhere.

Innovation Presentation

After Covid 19, traditional manners became obsolete and a digital transformation was necessary to enable support to our customers amid uncertainty and global pandemic scenario. Confiamed´s App allowed our customers to reach their most needed services: medical appointment booking, exams authorization, charge-free on line doctor, ambulance services and prescription orders. Most importantly, the app enabled us to stay close to our customers anytime, anywhere, at the reach of their hand, only a click away.

Furthermore, we gave our customers access to relevant information of their health insurance such as Confiamed´s medical provider directory, detailed policy information, account verification status and travel assistance. This way we guaran…

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