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Clal insurance
Product & Service Innovation

Elevator pitch

Payment of travel insurance claims using an innovative service - “Clal PAY" - a digital credit card that is issued as part of a travel insurance policy and enables real-time payment for medical expenses at private clinics and pharmacies abroad.

Innovation Presentation

1. The Clal PAY card is a money-rechargeable digital card issued to an insured upon the purchase of an overseas travel policy.
2. The insured can see the card details through the company's app - "Clal's button" and can add the card to Google Pay/Apple Pay.
3. When a medical incident occurs abroad, the insured can file a claim on the “Clal’s Button” app and ask that the amount requested for the required medical service be charged onto the card.
4. Loading is done automatically, without human involvement and online.
5. The project was implemented in collaboration with the credit card company - MAX.

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