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Building the most accessible ecosystem

Aésio Mutuelle
Social, Sustainable & Responsible

Elevator pitch

Making it easy and seamless for everyone (regardless of any disability) to interact with our web products. We do this through an accessbile website (>90% accessibility score), internal tooling updates and culture improvement.

Innovation Presentation

When our 3 insurance companies merged to become Aesio mutuelle in 2021, we understood that our social convictions and protection purposes were part of our DNA. So we launched an accessibility program while conceiving our new websites and digital ecosystem. We are proud of having developed our business, institutional and foundation sites, that rose respectively up to 95%, 94% and 91.93% of complience with the RGAA norm. We tested our tools at every steps: wireframes, first mockups, every lines of code and iterated when it did not meet expectations. We are still working hard on the very few criterias that are missing, aiming for 100% compliance. If our time to market was longer, our digital team became expert in accessibility and proud to res…

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