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Beesafe | Unique offer of standard motor insurance combined with value added services

Vienna Insurance Group
Product & Service Innovation 2021

Elevator pitch

Busy "digibee" bringing new generation of insurance to Poland!

Innovation Presentation

Beesafe, a digital start-up, was established by VIG, the leading insurance group in Austria, Central and Eastern Europe, to provide a dynamic distribution company with a unique customer offering and potential for expansion into other countries where VIG operates.

It was created as a fully agile entity working without traditional structures in order to verify how non-standard for VIG way of working can impact on such complex projects. As a result we experienced extraordinary short go-to-market time through implementation green field insurer with state-of-the-art technology and being new benchmark for the market customer experience simplicity.

Beesafe currently offers MOD/MTPL insurance - innovative product with a package of additio…

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