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bAIby - The AI-based Baby Cry Translator

HITS - House of InsurTech Switzerland (Generali Group)
Insurtech 2021

Elevator pitch

Did you know that a baby cry is a universal language? The baby translator recognises the five basic needs a baby has

Innovation Presentation

NOTE: HITS is an innovation company fully owned by Generali

Generali focuses its strategy around being a Lifetime Partner (LTP) and being there at every life event. With this initiative we are an LTP at birth!

- First-time parents are overwhelmed by the arrival of their new-born, and often do not understand the needs of their new-born, which leads to frustration, fatigue, in worse cases to shaken babies
- State-of-the-art technologies cannot detect specific pathologies developed by new-borns

- The cries of a baby between 0-6 months are universal
- And AI loves universal patterns!
- We would offer to young parents an AI device “BabyT” (i.e. or baby translator) that understands the 5 basic needs of n…

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