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AXA XL Environmental Sensitivities Tool

United Kingdom
Product & Service Innovation

Elevator pitch

A database and mapping tool for assessing and prioritising environmental risks in Europe and the UK more consistently, efficiently and economically.

Innovation Presentation

The tool integrates extensive European/UK ecological and land use data and applies machine-learning algorithms to assess individual facilities' environmental liability risks. The outputs include environmental sensitivities scores and high-resolution maps for each location. When combined with customer-specific information like site location, industry type and occupancy, companies can use this tool to assess their environmental liability exposures at individual facilities or across an entire portfolio of sites.

The environmental sensitivities scores are based on data encompassing the following:
• Source(s) of the environmental pollution
• Pathway(s) by which a pollutant could travel
• Receptor(s) it could impact
• Baseline conditions a…

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