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AXA Partners’ TechOut Project: Conversational AI that eases frontline agents’ burden

AXA Partners
Customer Experience 2021

Elevator pitch

Max, The Multichannel Virtual Agent Powered by Advanced Conversational AI Helps You Recover Your Mobility

Innovation Presentation

In case of a car breakdown or accident, customers need to recover their mobility.

Max is a virtual agent who provides assistance by orchestrating the followings tasks:
- ensures a tow truck arrives,
- provides them a replacement car,
- answers all spontaneous questions they may have about it,
- books a taxi to go to the rental agency or to go to the garage when their car is repaired.

Max operates on a multichannel mode. He uses the channel each customer prefers: SMS, WhatsApp and, soon, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram or even the good old phone.

Max is powered by Advanced Conversational Artificial Intelligence. This means that he runs a human-like conversation, very different from a standard decision tree: he is capa…

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