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AXA Fast

AXA Sigorta
Re-imagining the Customer Experience

Elevator pitch

The app is used for intelligent damage assessment. It is possible that assessment the customers claim with visual intelligence and instantly upload their damaged vehicle photos and create claim file by contracted bodyshops.

Innovation Presentation

Proof of Concept

Project started with a local start up company at end of 2019 with only front and rear bumpers in scope as a PoC, with the aim of correctly identifying damaged parts and to give accurate repair / replace decisions. A local start up partner processed approximately 500 K photos and claim informations from our historical data and an artificial intelligence model is developed. It was ensured that the artificial intelligence recognized the bumper part of the vehicle in the first place and gave correct result about the claim severity.

Image Capturing via Artifical Intelligence Assistance

The tool make an assessment whether 2 and more spare parts is damage with artificial intelligence integration by adding a final step at…

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