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Analytics and AI at AIA: enabling faster & better insurance with the customer at the core

AIA Hong Kong
Hong Kong SAR
Product & Service Innovation

Elevator pitch

Analytics and AI are fuelling AIA's technological transformation, innovating the business to produce world-class experiences for its customers. Using next-generation data-driven and AI solutions, AIA is transforming its workflows and processes at a miraculous pace, bringing never before seen services and products that generate trust and satisfaction.

Innovation Presentation

In 2020 AIA Group created our three-year corporate strategy - Ascend 200 – which was underpinned by a $1bn investment in Technology, Digital and Analytics (TDA). Since then, we have been systematically transforming AIA into a more customer-centric, world-class, digitally-enabled insurer.

TDA is re-engineering how we serve our customers, reshaping how we innovate and redefining our access and reach to help more people with their financial and health protection, while creating significant competitive advantage and return on investment over the long term.

The pace of transformation has been remarkable. In less than two years, AIA has transformed from a 100-year-old legacy insurer into a customer-focused, digital-first business powered by…

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