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Allianz Services Metaverse Onboarding Experience for New Joiners

Allianz Services
Workforce Transformation

Elevator pitch

Through a comprehensive, flexible, digital, and fully immersive Metaverse onboarding experience Allianz Services ensures an engaging onboarding experience and upskilling process for new joiners. The virtual onboarding experience distinguishes itself clearly from previous forms of onboarding, and provides benefits such as fostering memory retention, enhancement in creativity, attention, visual processing, problem-solving, and increased motivation.

Innovation Presentation

With around 155,000 employees worldwide, the Allianz Group serves over 122 million customers in more than 70 countries. Allianz’s global workforce includes people from many different nationalities and backgrounds – be it gender, ethnicity, age, religious belief, education, sexual orientation, disability, or nationality. 76 nationalities are present at Allianz’s headquarters in Munich, Germany.

Allianz Services is the internal services division of the Allianz Group supporting Allianz operating entities worldwide in improving and running operations, driving productivity, creating superior client experience, and contributing to the transformation of Allianz around the globe.

In June 2022, Allianz Services presented the very first Metaver…

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