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A.Iconic Claims

Core Insurance Transformation 2021

Elevator pitch

Turbo-boost the claims experience by leveraging common smart data and A.I. services across AXA International Entities around the world. A.Iconic Claims is a cloud ecosystem, globally accessible, where all the Entities will be able to access and re-use innovative A.I. Claims solutions, independently of their backend systems, with the objective to massively boost our motor claims customer experience and efficiency.

Innovation Presentation

Setting the scene:

Every year, about 10-20% of AXA customers across International and New Markets (INM) Entities report a motor claim, making the claims journey a critical touchpoint for business performance and differentiation. Such claims can be extremely stressful and painful to manage for the victims; for AXA, the claims journey becomes a critical touchpoint for business performance and differentiation, which is why we need to make it simple and seamless. With the expected increase in motor business, and with the examples of new entrants such as ZhongAn and Lemonade who have successfully attracted customers through fully digital journeys, the A.Iconic Claim initiative proposes to help entities radically transform the claims journey…

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