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AI-ESG Integrated Platform

Ping An
Hong Kong
Social, Sustainable & Responsible

Elevator pitch

AI-enabled ESG platform that facilitates the insurance companies and institutional investors to further their ESG goals. For insurance companies, it offers a data collection and reporting tool for companies to better manage, report, and improve their ESG disclosures and performances; For institutional investors, it provides a comprehensive dataset that help them assess investee companies' ESG risks and opportunities.

Innovation Presentation

As an integrated retail financial services provider, Ping An Group delivers insurance, banking, investment and other all-inclusive financial products and services to its clients. In 2021, Ping An invested RMB3.92 trillion of insurance capital. Ping An’s responsible investment principles are built on insurance capital’s focus on long-term return. Instead of chasing short-term profits, Ping An’s business philosophy focuses on long-term sustainable development.

Amid increasingly more stringent regulation and the demand from global investors, ESG is gradually being more widely accepted in China. Yet, due to the discrepancy of standards and difficulties in data collection and reporting, Chinese companies, including insurance companies, are la…

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