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AI Chatbot with 3D Avatar that Communicate with Natural Conversations

Aflac Life Insurance Japan Ltd.
Customer Experience 2021

Elevator pitch

AI chatbot with 3D Avatar that Communicate with Natural Conversations by Digital Innovation

Innovation Presentation

Aflac Japan have released 3D AI chatbot service (3D avatar chatbot) equipped with advanced voice recognition AI in just 3 months. This service is installed on the official website and provides natural communications to policyholders. Also, by using this service, Aflac Japan can easily respond policyholders’ inquiries even outside of business hours. As a result, the service has improved customer experience and provided better interactions suitable for policyholder’s lifestyle. Furthermore, Aflac Japan has created an interface which business departments can flexibly update expected questions and answers with realistic sensation. This has led to provide the best service following by inquiries and needs of policyholders whenever th…

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