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AgroLab – AI in Agricultural Claims

Workforce Transformation

Elevator pitch

AI Assistant which estimates damage in agro claims on the basis of satellite imagery.

Innovation Presentation

Progressing climate change increases the unpredictability of the weather and has an increasingly severe impact on agricultural processes. According to Eurostat, as a result of extreme weather phenomena in the season 2020/2021, the production of certain cereals in the European Union fell by more than 30%. Droughts, torrential rains, hurricanes, wet winters - all this has a direct impact on the income of millions of farmers, as well as the availability and prices of food.

PZU pays a special attention to solutions that cover risks in agriculture because Poland is the second biggest country in EU in terms of number of people employed in agriculture (around 10% of all people employed). As the biggest insurer in Central Eastern Europe we const…

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