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Agile transformation in Insurance

Nationale Nederlanden (Poland)
Workforce Transformation

Elevator pitch

How to break a taboo of agility being unimplementable in insurance business. To keep our prominent position in the Insurance market, we need to offer a better customer experience, that is instant, personal and relevant. Because at the same time, Insurance companies are confronted with economic and demographic changes, regulatory burden and disruptive technologies and innovation. To face this challenge, we decided to improve our culture and ways of working by transforming company into agile enterprise. Our ambition was to rethink, simplify and standardize our way of working. This means providing standards and principles to how we approach the way we ‘be’ at work and the way we ‘do’ things, regardless of your role. Mindsets, behaviors along with a clear set of standards will provide guidance on how we organize our work at NN.

Innovation Presentation


In one year, Nationale-Nederlanden Poland has successfully transformed 35% of our organization into an Agile structure with Agile practices. We started our transformation with clear principles, which are now reaping the benefits.

Workforce transformation:

• Building internal competencies and agile mindset: 167 employees deeply upskilled, 26 reskilled (PO/SM), 11 recruited - over 25% of workforce transformed, 600 employees trained in agile mindset and practices
New roles and positions designed, inclusive selection of candidates, tailor-made development programs delivered.
• 8 new Value Streams established - mini-enterprises built around value for customers…

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