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Aflac XR devices

Aflac Life Insurance Japan Ltd.
Social, Sustainable & Responsible

Elevator pitch

Extended reality devices that promote understanding of nursing care and cancer and contribute to solving social issues

Innovation Presentation

Aflac has developed 3D content on nursing care and cancer to help customers better understand nursing care and cancer. Using XR devices (Oculus, Smart Glasses), customer interest in insurance can be fostered. This innovation is expected to lead to an increase in the number of nursing care and cancer insurance consultations.

[Details of initiative]
■ Oculus
Aflac has developed content through which customers can experience the difficulties of people who require nursing care when eating (difficulty in seeing, difficulty in hearing and trembling hands). By using the VR device “Oculus” and providing this content to customers, they can immerse themselves and have an interactive experience in a virtual space that simulates life i…

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