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Aflac Mirror

Aflac - American Family Life Assurance Company
Product & Service Innovation

Elevator pitch

Contributing to improving QOL of the elderly with a mirror-type IoT device, “Aflac Mirror”

Innovation Presentation

"Purpose of providing services"
Aflac is working to provide services using digital technology to contribute to realizing a society where everyone can live secure and healthy lives in their own way. As part of this effort, Aflac decided to provide an insurance and health-related application to a mirror-type IoT device developed by a start-up company and roll it out as “Aflac Mirror.” Aflac Mirror not only measures face surface temperature and pulse through the daily act of looking in a mirror, but also provides content to support customers’ physical care based on the measurement results. Moreover, measurement results can be shared among family members for monitoring the health of distant family members. Through the rollout of Aflac Mirror,…

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